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Electrical Cable

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Short Circuit Rating

It happens frequently that the conductor size necessary for an installation is dictated by its ability to carry short-circuit current rather than sustained current. During a short –circuit, there is a sudden inrush of current for a few cycles followed by a steadier flow of current for a short period until the protection switchgear operators, normally between 0.1-0.3 seconds


Conductor Size and MaterialInsulation MaterialOperating Maximum TemperatureShort Circuit Rating
120 sq-mm Copper conductorPVC Insulation70° C 13.80 KA/SEC
120 sq-mm Aluminium conductorPVC Insulation70° C 9.12 KA/SEC
120 sq-mm Copper conductorPVC Insulation85° C 12.48 KA/SEC
120 sq-mm Aluminium conductorPVC Insulation85° C 8.28 KA/SEC